nighttimeMany people who start trading Nadex can only trade after they have put their time in at their regular daytime job. This article is for those nighttime traders. In other articles, it has been mentioned the importance of knowing what markets to trade during what hours.

Movement in a market is always important. However, there are ways to be profitable trading the Nadex products whether the market is trending up or down, or simply remaining sideways.

A question from a new trader wanted to know if having a goal of making five percent daily was too lofty, especially since he could only trade after work. The five percent amount applies to account size. For example, if your account size is $1000, your goal would be to make $50 a day. Have that goal for a month before you adjust it.

The feedback he received was that five percent was not an absolute goal, but rather a guideline of when you can consider stopping for the day or, in this case, night. As the trader becomes more comfortable with his trading systems and trading in general, he could add more contracts.

Another suggestion for nighttime trading was to try Iron butterflies on Nadex binary options. Butterflies are a great strategy to use when there is little movement in the markets, as is sometimes the case when trading at night.

Other traders have had success in trading the London market when it opens at 3:00 AM ET. Depending on your time zone, this may work for you.

As a new trader, be sure to invest the time necessary for education. Learn all you can about the systems and strategies you are using. Demo trade until you are consistently profitable using your systems and strategies. It is a much cheaper way to learn!

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